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    Mix of East and West In Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of YWIES Yantai


    24 Oct, 2019

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    • In September 2000, Yew Wah International Education School opened in Yantai, a beautiful city on the coast of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. It was the first international education school that ever established in Yantai. The school then boasted 207 students and 34 teachers.

      Leveraging the great legacy of Yew Chung and Yew Wah Foundation, YWIES Yantai has grown into a well-known international education school at the three leading cities in Shandong Province, namely, Yantai, Weihai and Qingdao. Currently, YWIES Yantai have more than 80 professional Chinese and international teachers, providing quality K-12 international education to 400 Chinese and international students from more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

      Over the past two decades, in adherence to holistic education, YWIES Yantai has strived to perfect the curriculum system, maintain a top faculty team, and enhance the quality of education. Today, it has become a world famous school at the doorstep in Yantai. Looking back, its history conjures up memories of many milestones.

      In 2004, YWIES Yantai was authorised by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) to offer the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Advanced Level (A Level) programmes and, as such, we became the first Cambridge International Examination Centre (CIEC) in Shandong Province. In 2008, YWIES Yantai produced its first cohort of IGCSE graduates. Besides, our students have won Top in China, Top in the World and Cambridge Distinguished Achievement Award in a number of subjects in CAIE examinations. YWIES Yantai was recognised by CAIE for its contribution to quality education with the Ten-Year Outstanding Achievement Award in 2015.

      In 2016, YWIES Yantai was authorised by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme Headquarters to become an Independent Award Centre (IAC) in Yantai, which was a solid step forwards in providing quality international education.

      So far more than 1,000 Chinese and international students have graduated from YWIES Yantai and attended top universities throughout the world. Since its establishment, YWIES Yantai has maintained a 100% college enrolment rate. In 2018 and 2019, our graduates, just to name a few – Liu Baichuan, Liu Baijun, Yu Jiale, Hao Wen, Li Zehua, Zhang Ruoli, Guo Jing, Sun Jia, Tang Hongqi, and Wu Tingyu – were admitted to Oxford University, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Kings College London, University of the Arts London, University of Toronto, and Queens University. Many of them have received scholarships in full or in varying amounts. These outstanding graduates have grown into excellent world citizens with global vision and a strong sense of social responsibility.

      While dedicated to nurturing students, YWIES Yantai values the importance of social service, and makes a lasting impact on society at large. For example, our teachers and students led various volunteer programmes to serve Qufu Beigong Seeds of Hope School and organised the Seeds of Hope Charity Concert, implementing the school motto of “aligning with love and charity”.

      Our teachers and students celebrated the school’s 20th birthday with artistic works. Through the art competition, the students have enhanced their aesthetic level and creative skills. Adhering to the school motto of “aligning with culture and arts”, the students participated in the competition, gave full play to their imagination and creativity, and produced meaningful and attractive works.

      The success of YWIES Yantai in the past would not be possible without the contribution of dedicated leadership, teachers and other staff. While YWIES Yantai marks its 20th birthday, some colleagues celebrate their 20th anniversary of work at the school. Let’s listen to what they say.

      Ms Melody Long, School Business Manager

      I hope that each employee at YWIES Yantai can realise their career dream and enjoy their daily work. I look forward to working with the School Management Team to create a caring teaching environment, to serve our faculty, students, parents and the community!

      Ms Rose Pei, Chinese Vice Principal

      Education is character and holistic development. We help students enjoy learning and reach their full potentials. We encourage each of them to show the talent and become a full person with particular interest, a broad perspective and eventually to excel in moral as well as academic performance.

      Ms Sun Junfang, Director of National Curriculum

      We respect and care for each student. We pay attention to cultivating their interest in learning, especially in reading and writing. We pursue a democratic, active, co-operative and thoughtful teaching environment so that students will learn actively, and reach their full potentials both in and out of the class.

      Many of our staff members, whether in the position of leadership, teaching, administration or logistics, have served the school for 20 years.

      Ms Wang Cuijie, Administrative Section, Department of Administrative Affairs

      Ms Wang Xuemei, Cleaning Section

      Ms Sun Li, Cleaning Section

      Mr Wang Hanmao, Security Section

      Being steadfast and diligent in education is our commitment. Over the past 20 years, YWIES Yantai progressed year after year. Our outstanding students have immersed themselves in the international education that mixes the best of the East and the West, have become global citizens, contributed their strength and lived a wonderful life in different parts of the world.

      YWIES Yantai is a big family; every member is proud of being part of it and happy to serve the students, parents and community. In such a harmonious work atmosphere each family member leads a joyful and meaningful life every day!

      We believe that with the commitment to providing holistic education and practising “education with love”, YWIES Yantai will embrace a bright future. We look forward to the next 20 years with great excitement.