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    The First Film Festival of YWIES Yantai

    School News

    27 Mar, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Release unlimited creativity using light and shadow!

      Interpret different moods and ideas from different perspectives!

      Tell your story in four minutes…

      Record the best moment in a world without boundary

      There will be surprises from the impact of the films in four categories with different elements.

      "The most honest form of films is to make a film for oneself," said Peter Jackson, the director of the famous films The Lord of the Rings and King Kong.

      – Excerpts from Principal Aaron King's Speech

      Mr Roger, the organiser of this film festival, is a Secondary ICT teacher of YWIES Yantai. He provided technical guidance and support for children to create the films and lead students to turn their dreams into reality.

      Mr Roger worked together with other teachers and led the students successfully to hold the first Yew Wah Film Festival after several months’ preparation. We really appreciate their efforts! Usually, students enjoy movies made by other people. Today, they can also bring their own ideas and inspirations to the screen, which gives audience visual feasts and a good evening. Congratulations to students, and hope they can develop the spirit of innovation and exploration and apply it to study and life!