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    High-End International Education Seminar

    School News

    24 May, 2019

    10 : 00

    • On April 17, YWIES Yantai held a High-End International Education Seminar with the theme of “Influencing life through life”. Four speakers shared their ideas towards international education in the seminar.

      1. How to cultivate excellent world citizens

      Speaker: Mr Aaron J G King, Western Co-Principal of YWIES Yantai

      Topic: The advanced concept of international education schools

      2. Analysis of overseas study

      Speaker: Mr David Krieger, Head of Overseas Study and Guidance team

      Topic: How to assist students to apply for the most suitable overseas universities

      How far is it from YWIES to Oxford

      Speaker: Mr Liu Baichuan, Graduate of YWIES Yantai

      Topic: Sharing on his university life in the University of Oxford

      Documentary sharing of international education

      Speaker: Ms Sara Wang, Head of Marketing and Admissions team

      Topic: How to teach children the true values in the ever-changing world

      As what School Supervisor of Yew Wah International Education Foundation Dr Betty Chan said: Yew Wah educators nurture generations of Yew Wah students, who will bring great impacts to society, the country and the globe. This is our pleasure and our responsibility to educate children for the better future. We truly believe that nothing is more meaningful than influencing life through life.

      We aim to provide quality international education to children. Please stay tuned to our upcoming information sessions.