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    Introduction of Teachers and Curriculum in YWIES Yantai Mr Aaron King (Western Co-Principal)

    School News

    05 Jul, 2019

    10 : 00

    • The second session of the series of lectures on the concept of international education in 2019 was successfully concluded. This event provided more parents with relevant information on international education, so that parents and students can have a deep understanding of Yew Wah's teaching characteristics. Yew Wah also hopes to bring quality international teaching to more children.

      YWIES Yantai's teachers come from different countries and regions throughout the world. All the teachers in YWIES Yantai graduated with education-related majors, holding a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree. They bring the essence of true international education to students and provide students with a multicultural learning environment. The teachers have leadership skills, enthusiasm for education, effective teaching methods and practical research to provide students with an encouraging, autonomous and modest learning atmosphere. At the same time, Yew Wah also encourages and supports our teachers to continue their own education, to ensure quality teaching, and to provide students with the best educational services.

      Let's see what the lecture day brought to the parents:

      Experience Simultaneous Interpretation

      We provided simultaneous interpretation during the lectures, and the interpreter was our Yew Wah student Carl Li. Simultaneous interpretation is a way of translation through continuously interpreting the content to the audience without interrupting the speaker's speech. It requires a high degree of language proficiency.

      With the help of simultaneous interpretation, parents were able to understand the content of the lectures and international education information. At the same time, parents also witnessed the real strength of Yew Wah students.


      1. Key Values of a Truly International Education School

      Introduction of Teachers and Curriculum in YWIES Yantai Mr Aaron King (Western Co-Principal)

      Yew Wah’s excellent teaching team provides students with:

      - An immersion language environment and language development planning
      - The Co-Teaching model between Chinese and foreign teachers
      - Development of independent learning and learning ability
      - Character development, interpersonal communication and physical and mental health education
      - A comprehensive curriculum system
      - Professional guidance on overseas study

      2. Analysis of Current Trends for Studying Abroad

      Helping Students to Apply to the Best UK Universities

      Mr David Krieger (Head of University Guidance Office)

      What are we going to do?

      - Students take UGO course once a week.
      - Provide guidance and academic counselling for students in Grades 9, 10 and 11.
      - The 12th Grade starts to create a "good match" university programme, chooses a major, creates a list of universities, and begins to write personal statements.
      - Instruct students to study and submit applications.

      What are you going to do?

      - Parents discuss with children and identify their areas of interest.
      - Students develop interest through extra-curricular activities/travel/reading.
      - Students visit various universities or enrol in Yew Wah University Visiting Learning Programmes.
      - Students discuss with advisors about further education.
      - Students work closely with teachers to ensure excellent academic performance.

      3. The Dynamic Youth Power

      Having spent 13 years in Yew Wah, a graduate shared her learning experience with parents Ms Sunja Winter (2019 Graduate)

      In Yew Wah, teachers not only help us learn, but also encourage us to participate in various activities. From sports to art and drama, and community service that has been accompanying me in my study and life, I have participated in various activities. It's very meaningful to me to participate in competitions, to engage in community service, and to encourage my teammates.

      The rich and colourful activities have been very helpful to my study and growth. In 2017, I got the highest score in the Chinese subject of IGCSE examination. This year, I received an offer from Birmingham University. The road from Yew Wah to my favourite university is not easy, but full of happiness.

      4. The Real Focus

      Give Children Real Values in the Face of the Ever-Changing World
      Ms Sara Wang (Head of Marketing and Admissions Department)

      As parents, don't just focus on what your children can do, what they know and what skills they have. Instead, focus on their interest in learning, the quality of their interaction with others, their ability to listen and express, and their ability to play quietly with random objects, and also their love of painting, singing and self-created games. These are the real signs of whether a child can make progress in lifelong learning.

      Break Time

      Parents asked their "100,000 whys" during the tea break, and continued to discuss with the Principal and teachers about education.