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    Theme of the School Anniversary | Interviewing Our 20-Year Employee - Say Thanks to the Special You

    School News

    06 Nov, 2019

    10 : 00

    • YWIES Yantai has grown from youth to maturity in 20 years,

      Here are your best memories,

      Here are your dreams and hopes,

      Here are your life co-ordinates,

      And here is the home you are willing to contribute and dedicate yourself to...

      Here is a group of people who have been working hard for the past 20 years. They are in charge of important tasks without attracting our attention. They have a strong sense of responsibility and mission. They are like watchmen in the fields, who do all kinds of work to develop the school.

      Wang Cuijie | Admin and Purchasing Group

      I am Wang Cuijie, and I have worked at Yew Wah for 20 years. I am honoured to witness the school's 20 years of hard work, and I am fortunate to see outstanding graduates further study in famous universities around the world and build their future.

      Yew Wah is a harmonious family, and every family member is proud of being a part of it. At the same time, we are proud of being able to serve the community, the students, and the parents. We are dedicated, cautious, and united. The harmonious working atmosphere makes my work very meaningful!

      On May 12, 2000, I started working at YWIES Yantai. Our school had just been established, so our task was to recruit students. We were asked to visit different provinces and cities. I remember that our leader said that if we could recruit five students, we would start to operate. Our School Supervisor is from Hong Kong, and her mission is to provide more and better quality education for mainland China children. We were moved by the persistence of the School Supervisor. At the end, we successfully recruited our first batch of students in YWIES Yantai: a number of 105 students.

      The school work then went on its right track, and I was assigned to be in the back-office. The work was very complicated, which made me tied up during daytime. My house was far from school and I was single, so the school provided me with an apartment. I went back home at around 10 every night, as I worked overtime every day. It was very hard. However, in such a good working environment, I was also very happy.

      My work is to contact and collaborate with various units inside and outside the school. The complicated forms and documents require my careful checking and cautious organisation. Thus I have become patient, careful, rigorous and serious. In my daily life, I also develop a habit of checking. There has never been a mistake in my work for the past several years.

      Now when I think back to those years, I feel really sorry for my children. When my son was in his Primary 1 and 2, I just let him play in the campus after school. I had to work overtime, so we often went home at 7 or 8 at night.

      I have been able to work in Yew Wah for so many years because the philosophy of our School Supervisor has deeply influenced me: We are educators, so even if we cannot make a profit through running a school, we must continue. In our daily work, our leaders are very caring with a humanised management model, which gives me no excuses not to work hard.

      Wang Xuemei | Cleaning Group

      I am Wang Xuemei, and I have worked at Yew Wah for 20 years. My work is very ordinary, but it is very important. One of Yew Wah’s philosophies says that, “I should do better even if others cannot see my work, because my conscience knows!” This sentence has always influenced me, and it has such a profound meaning!

      The school has very strict instructions regarding our work, with detailed disinfection procedures, weekly plans, monthly plans and annual plans. Weekly hygiene checks are carried out and problems are solved as soon as possible.

      There are respective formulas of detergent, requirements and professional training for toilet disinfection, ground wiping and glass wiping.

      Why would I stay at Yew Wah from its establishment till now? The school provides us with good labour protection, so that we have no worries about our work and life. The harmonious relationship between colleagues, the humanised management model and the real humanistic care are the reasons I stay.

      In terms of cleaning, we rub the glass once a month, and disinfect the table top, the toilet, and the stair rails every day. When there is a high incidence of influenza virus, not only the number of disinfections is multiplied, but also the frequency is increased.

      Our team is very united and disciplined. Winter can be very cold in the north and there is heavy snow, but everyone can still go to work on time. One colleague who lives in Fushan takes the first bus to school. Under this kind of weather, we still arrive at school at 6.30 a.m., and sweep the snow in the sanitation area to ensure the safety of students.

      The glass roof at the entrance of Building A needs to be cleaned regularly. Before cleaning, we fully perform the safety measures. Colleagues who are afraid of heights have overcome their fears after a long period of time. Everyone can skillfully finish the cleaning work according to quality and quantity requirements.

      We have destitute households among our colleagues. My family is in a relatively better condition. Under the advocacy of our school, we would provide a certain degree of help to families with fewer financial resources. We all very much agree with the policy.

      Working for our school for so many years, I love our school very much, and I take care of the school as if it is my own home. Our work outcomes are easily appraised, and everyone can spot a mistake if there is one, so we have developed a habit of solving every problem as soon as possible. The school treats us well, so we are willing to contribute.

      As long as it is related to the interests of the school, the responsibility is on all of us. It does not matter what thing it is or whether it is my job; it must be solved promptly. No waiting. First thing first.

      Sunli | Cleaning Group

      My name is Sunli, and I am an ordinary employee at Yew Wah. I have spent an unforgettable 20 years with the school in an ordinary cleaning post.

      Cleaning work seems not worth mentioning, but it is actually very important. Every time a colleague from the Marketing Department brings a parent to the campus, I see him or her as a group of parents. Parents will let more people know about Yew Wah through word of mouth. When parents visit the school, the first thing they see is the school's hygiene conditions. I have the responsibility to show the best aspect of the school to the parents.

      Why have I worked at the school for so many years, and always loved the job? I think it is because our school has a good working atmosphere. Everyone is very kind, and the relationship between teachers, other colleagues and leaders is harmonious.

      Although my daily work is very busy, the care from my leaders and the co-operation between colleagues make me very happy at the work! In our school, everyone works equally and doesn’t look down on others. I am very comfortable working in such an environment.

      We help colleagues who have family problems. Being helped by others will make you feel warm and helping others will make you feel happy.

      I like children very much, and I treat students as my own children. I have been working for so long that the school is like my home. My colleagues are like family members. I love my school and my work!

      Wang Hanmao | Security Group

      I am Wang Hanmao, and I have worked at Yew Wah for 20 years. The school is of great significance to me. At work, the school gives me the opportunity to learn and improve myself, so I can gain more knowledge.

      In daily life, the school leaders always have small talks with me. When my family encountered difficulties and when my child was born, they came to visit me and helped solve my problems, so that I had no worries about my work and life.

      Regarding my work, I do not disappoint the school. I like children, love children and am willing to care for each child.

      With several years of work I have familiarised myself with the working environment. For example, I know the number of fire hydrants in the school, and the number of fire extinguishers and their location on each floor. I can find them even with my eyes closed.

      Our work is not limited to protecting the personal safety of teachers and students and the school property. When we patrol at night, some unexpected situations also require us to handle properly. For example, if a water pipe ruptures and the water leaks out, I will report it timely. Meanwhile, I will close the valve to bring the emergency situation under control.

      Knowledge on how to control a fire is also essential. During a night patrol, I found out that a pile of grass in the neighboring block was on fire. I took the fire extinguisher out at once and put out the fire.

      During my years at Yew Wah, I have obtained the water and electricity certificate and the fire certificate. I have mastered some professional knowledge and can apply it to my work more effectively.

      I have been working in such a warm family for 20 years. In order to let my colleagues who live far away to go home for the Chinese New Year, I have spent several holidays in the school. Colleagues are like family to me, and the school is our home! In the days to come, I will still be dedicated to my job, and shine in an ordinary post!