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    How Parents View Parent-Teacher Meeting

    School News

    07 May, 2016

    10 : 00

    • On May 7, my husband and I attended the Parent-Teacher Meeting of this semester.

      Unlike the previous parent meetings, for the first time we met successively with teachers of Chinese, Maths, English, PE, Music and Arts. We had in-depth conversations regarding all those subjects. Since the time was sufficient, we could obtain a comprehensive opinion on the general class performance of our child. My child has shown an evident interest in Maths since he was small, and his Maths teacher gave him encouragement and guidance based on his strength by letting him be the mini-Maths teacher of the class. This further extended his love of Maths class, and helped him to achieve a good grade. We also spent time consulting about the English tutoring. The homeroom teacher and English teacher offered a practical guiding scheme based on our child’s capability which made us enlightened and thankful.

      That PE, Music and Arts teachers giving us advice that we urgently needed also shows how considerate the school is. The PE teacher advised our child to learn Taekwondo, and he suggested that our child not learning badminton. The Arts teacher mentioned a way to improve his weak drawing skills by practising sketching. We are very grateful to the Music teacher as he provided my child with the on-stage opportunity even though he started learning violin only one year ago. Through on-stage experience, he will definitely develop the interest in music.

      Through the Parent-Teacher Meeting, many of our questions were answered and we want to show our gratitude to everyone in Yew Wah who carefully and mindfully prepared this opportunity, and we are moved by this gift from heart.

      Grade 1 Jeremy’s Mother
      Translated by Patrick Pan (AS Level)

      It has already been three months since we came to China.

      I had mixed feelings when I was waiting for the meeting with the teachers. I saw Secondary students welcoming me with friendly smiles, and I want my child to grow up like one of those wonderful Secondary students. When I arrived at the classroom, teachers were waiting and welcoming the parents. Since my child is new to the school, I was happy that some of the teachers could remember my child’s name. I could learn about my child’s strength and weakness from different perspectives. I wanted to have a deeper conversation. Since I am not fluent in Chinese, student translators helped me a lot during the conversations.

      In the public primary schools in Korea, all subjects of a class are mostly organised and taught by one homeroom teacher, so parents can only learn about their children from one teacher. However, in Yew Wah, I could get feedback from different teachers, and this was a very meaningful experience as I could learn more about my child’s personality and attitude in school.

      It is obviously not an easy task to learn both English and Chinese, but I hope my child can become a student like those Secondary students who helped me in translation, with the help of Yew Wah’s education.

      I hope my child’s experience in Yew Wah can help him in the future and I am looking forward to seeing my child enjoying his new school life!

      G5 Roy Lee ’s Mother
      Translated by Edwin Park (AS Level)