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    Professional Development Day with Lance G King

    School News

    25 Jan, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Recently, we welcomed a renowned educator, researcher and author, Lance King, to conduct training sessions with the Secondary and Primary staff. Mr King trains teachers and students in several countries around the world with the aim of developing “resilient learners”, or learners who have the courage and perseverance to begin and complete courses of study so that they can graduate from university. He is eager to help students to become responsible for their learning and become “self-regulated” learners.

      Throughout the day, Mr King stressed the importance of helping students to break down tasks into achievable steps so that they do not become discouraged and give up too easily. Besides this, he emphasised that the successful students are those who can “fail well”. In other words, failure should not be seen as a hopeless situation and an excuse to give up, but as a means to obtain feedback to improve and eventually succeed. His research has revealed that the best students are able to cope with failure as they turn it around into an opportunity to become better learners.

      Mr King also provided details on useful websites that give teachers and students access to worthwhile learning activities. For those who are interested in checking out his website (, please feel free to have a browse!

      Chris Danaher
      Head of Secondary