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    Secondary Assembly

    School News

    01 Dec, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Recently, IGCSE 2 hosted an assembly about truthfulness. We had videos, a presentation and a game. Jasmine, Milly, Angella and I were in charge of making a game which everyone would enjoy and through which learn about truthfulness.

      The first part of the assembly was a presentation about the character trait of the month, truthfulness. We explained why we have to be truthful, and also the consequences if we are untruthful. As I was also one of the audience who listened to the presentation, I reminded myself that I have to always be truthful.

      One group had made a video which was a collection of interviews by Yew Wah teachers and students of all ages, about “What truthfulness means?” We were able to see how people view truthfulness at different ages, and how important it is to them. There were some interesting ideas from teachers and some fascinating ideas from students.

      We had another video made by Larry, Simon and Brian. This video contained two stories about what happens when we are not truthful. Their acting was very realistic and made the spectators laugh. This video related our assembly more to older students, and also showed why we have to be truthful by showing bad consequences of being untruthful.

      Finally, Milly, Jasmine, Angella and I played a game with the participants. We prepared three plates of delicious food and one unpalatable, which all looked similar. Four volunteers came up to the stage and tried the food. Each had to show the expression that the food tried was delicious. Finally, the participants had to guess which volunteer had eaten the unpalatable food. The game went better than we expected; a lot of students participated and were willing to interact with us.

      Preparing the assembly was a new experience for me, and we were able to learn more about truthfulness and we also felt rewarded by organising an assembly ourselves.

      Jane Eum — IGCSE 2