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    We Graduate!

    School News

    30 Jun, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Summer could be ordinary or even banal to most of the people. However to us, the graduates, this summer is full of memories and hope.

      Graduation means more than just a word to us. It is a mixture of the sorrow of farewell, the grief of separation, the bitterness of saying goodbye, the fear and insecurity associated with the future, but also the excitement of going to high school.

      As time slipped away from me bit by bit, I have been changed from an innocent, ignorant, wayward little girl four years ago to a blooming, graceful young girl now. I am not talking only about the improvements on schoolwork but also improvements on how I get along with people, how I solve my own problems and how I listen to other people’s opinions.

      When I turn around and look back, I realise that all kinds of people I’ve met and all kinds of things I’ve gone through on the way of growing up have left a significant impression on me, and they have helped me change and grow.

      I am grateful for these people and things because they have taught me what is growing up. They have taught me how to love.

      - Molly, Grade 9