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    20th Anniversary of YWIES Yantai & Founder's Day

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    21 Oct, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Yew Wah International Education School of Yantai took pride in the celebrations of its 20th anniversary and 87th of Yew Wah school plus Founder’s Day. YWIES founded in 2000 is the first Yew Wah school on mainland China. We held a grand celebration ceremony for this milestone event in our school auditorium.

      Yew Wah International Education Foundation Chief Executive Officer and Supervisor, Dr Betty Chan Po-king, celebrated this wonderful moment with all the students, staff, parents, government leaders at all levels, alumni, community organisations and media friends. In her speech, Dr Chan reviewed the development of YWIES Yantai.

      The celebrations also saw music performances by students, greetings from all Yew Chung Yew Wah schools worldwide via real-time video connection, and exciting videos showing the history of YWIES Yantai and dynamism of teachers and students.

      20th Anniversary Fun Run

      We look forward to continuing to record this extraordinary academic year through a series of wonderful and unforgettable anniversary activities in future.

      The new building construction project has been officially approved by the foundation. Currently, we have initiated the applications to get approvals from the related departments of the government.

      We are in the golden days and in the prime time of the era. When YWIES Yantai enters another 20 years, the development of our school will also come into a new stage. Thanks to all our colleagues, we work and grow together in the Yew Wah family. We believe, with the support of everyone, each of our colleagues will continue to make progress and reap a bountiful harvest. YWIES Yantai, our brilliant sailing ship, will surely sail to a more successful further!