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    Theme of the School Anniversary | (Chapter 2) Interviewing Our 20-Year Employee - Say Thanks to the Special You

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    24 Oct, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Rose Pei | Chinese Vice Principal

      Rose Pei, our Chinese Vice Principal, has been engaged in education industry for 35 years since she graduated from a normal university. She has worked at YWIES Yantai in education and teaching management posts for 20 years. She takes education as her own responsibility, with character formation as the priority. She encourages students to develop a global vision, promotes holistic education and integrates the essence of Eastern and Western cultures. She puts love and responsibility in the first place, pursuing excellent education throughout her career.

      Vice Principal Pei strives for excellence in education and teaching management. She communicates effectively with Chinese and foreign teachers regarding practice and exploration, and works together to pursue a high-quality humanised management model. With the idea of character formation as the foundation, she respects students, accepts differences, and cares about their physical and mental health. She aims to achieve the education concepts of holistic education and lifelong learning. Numerous confident and outstanding students, who are willing to challenge themselves and have a global vision, are being nurtured.

      Let us know more about Vice Principal Pei:

      Under the guidance of Hau Cheung Po Po’s educational philosophy, I have stayed at Yew Wah for 20 years, with glorifying China as my responsibility. I have met outstanding Chinese and foreign teachers who are like-minded, and we have gone hand in hand in stages of campus establishment, reform and development.

      On our ongoing path, Dr Betty Chan Po-king’s benevolence and persistence in education have always inspired us, allowing us to firmly regard education as our conviction and career. We put love and responsibility in the first place, accept differences, integrate the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, respect students and care about their healthy growth. Taking character formation as the foundation, we realise the education concepts of holistic education and lifelong learning. We have overcome hardships and experienced joys along the way, cultivating a group of confident and excellent world citizens, who are willing to challenge themselves and have a global vision.

      The greatest joy in life is to meet your light. Yew Wah is the light of my heart. She ignites my dreams, arouses my energy, guides me through the bright journey, and illuminates my way forwards.

      Love is the source of everything, and nothing is more meaningful than life influencing life!

      Yew Wah’s Story

      Love Nurturing Love

      We need faith in our life, and adhering to faith and beliefs would bring enormous impact to our society, our families, and our children!

      Let’s take a look at the influence of Vice Principal Pei on her daughter...

      At the establishment stage of Yew Wah, all staff used their holidays and weekend breaks to promote Yew Wah’s education concepts. Thus Vice Principal Pei had no time to take care of her daughter, so she taught the daughter, who had just graduated from Primary school, to cook and study independently. Her daughter knew that the reason why Vice Principal Pei was so busy was because her mother firmly believed that Yew Wah’s educational concepts could bring better education to more children.

      In her 20 years in Yew Wah, Vice Principal Pei never asked for a sick leave. Even if she was sick, she visited the clinic only on weekends or holidays. Her husband and daughter were worried for her when knowing she was sick. Sometimes, her daughter could not understand her mother, and Vice Principal Pei would patiently explain, "As I have chosen education as my job, I know that being a teacher requires love and responsibility! Education is different from other work. There are so many students waiting for me, so everything should be done without delay. Only teachers can understand the importance in it...." This is her perseverance and persistence in education!

      Under the influence of Vice Principal Pei, Yew Wah’s advanced educational philosophy, such as respect, benevolence, and global vision, subtly cultivated her daughter. When her daughter returned to Yantai during her summer or winter vacation in her university times, she would actively participate in and support the summer and winter camp activities of Yew Wah. After graduating from a normal university, she studied in South Korea and Yew Chung Community College (now known as Yew Chung College of Early Childhood Education). Hau Cheung Po Po’s international education concept of “Glorifying China as our own duty” has rooted and sprouted in her heart... She then went to the UK to study her master’s degree in Education, affirming her dedication to education.

      Eighty years ago, Hau Cheung Po Po paid special attention to the education and development of children's physical and mental health. The educational achievements of Yew Chung and Yew Wah have fully demonstrated and verified the advanced and forward-looking nature of her educational ideas. Today, her daughter, Dr Chan, continues to carry forwards Hau Cheung Po Po's educational philosophy, which is “let life influence life”! As faith touches soul, it leads our heart and influences two generations of people, including Vice President Pei and her daughter!

      After Vice President Pei’s daughter graduated and returned to China, she immediately joined Yew Wah. Now, she is a member of Yew Wah. The motto of Vice President Pei has also become her motto: Persist in your belief, take education as your duty, grow love with your love, and never forget your original intention!