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    Qingming Holiday


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

    10 : 00

    • During the Qingming Festival Break, there were four things going on in YWIES Yantai. Seven students went to Hong Kong for hiking, some Lower Secondary students went to Henan Province, four students went to Qingdao for the first Youth Debate, and the IGCSE 1 students came back from Somerset. During the assembly on April 17, these students made presentations on these activities.

      First of all, the students who went to Hong Kong made a fabulous presentation. Everyone who went to Hong Kong talked about every detail that happened in Hong Kong and the pictures were gorgeous. The students and teachers hiked with big backpacks for a long distance. They did everything all by themselves including cooking. Although at times some wanted to give up, they were encouraged by teammates so they could finish their walk.

      Secondly, two students who went to Henan Province made the presentation in Chinese. It seemed a little hard for some foreign students to understand what they were saying. However, we could see from the pictures that the students enjoyed themselves and the places they visited are really nice.

      Then, the students who went to Qingdao made a presentation which was not as good as the previous ones. But from their presentation, we could see that it was a good experience for them. They talked about the schedule they had on the day of Youth Debate. Although they tried their best, they did not achieve a good result. Nevertheless, they recommended the other students to join the next Qingdao Youth Debate!

      Finally, the IGCSE 1 students returning from Somerset showed up. In the presentation, they recalled their life in England. We could see the places where they went, the activities they did and the food they ate. They went to Haygrove first and then Bath, London and Cambridge.

      The assembly was successful and it was good to see some students sharing their experiences with the other students.

      Jasmine, IGCSE 1A