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    Letter from the President of the Student Council


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

    10 : 00

    • What makes an ordinary school year extraordinary is not the CIE examinations I am about to confront in the second semester but becoming the President of the Student Council. My earliest perceptions about Student Council started at Grade 9, when I had some innovative and revolutionary ideas towards it and today it is time to make a change.

      Completing what’s incomplete and perfecting imperfections are what the entire Student Council devotes itself to. Yew Wah is certainly not lacking in ideas. Students from diverse cultural backgrounds often came out last year with innovative and progressive proposals and plans, but nothing much then happened. I believe implementation matters more than simply vision, and whereas the latter occurs just in minds, the former one can only happen with effort.

      The Student Council is sometimes misunderstood as the head of students who are in charge of instructing others while remaining seated. From my perspective, we are here to serve but not to be served. A group of students who aim to help and serve the student body in terms of organising activities and offering volunteer opportunities reveals the true identity of the Student Council.

      I am firmly convinced that we live in a world full of disparities between the “haves” and the “have nots”. Apparently and fortunately, most Yew Wah students fall into the former category, where we live at the top of the pyramid with inherent privilege. Hence, understanding and action towards the real society that occupies the majority of the population plays an indispensable role in terms of global citizenship, because with great power or privilege comes great responsibility.

      The major project I aim to achieve in this school year is to render resources and provide opportunities to each individual member of the Student Council for the fulfilment of their objectives and perspectives about community service and charity. Personally, I am not a creative person who often comes up with feasible and fascinating new ideas. However, by giving opportunities and including all the members, it not merely facilitates progress but helps others to obtain a sense of accomplishment.

      In my view, speech sits below action. I hope to have a fulfilling and exciting school year with all the students, parents and teachers from Yew Wah.

      Daniel Liu (Student Council President) IGCSE2