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    YWIES Yantai Science Week


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

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    • For the IGCSE 1 and EAP students, instead of sitting a written mid-term Science exam, we were judged by our experiments performed during the annual Science Fair, which took place at the end of the Science Week.

      Prior to the Science Fair, we had a variety of activities throughout the Science Week. The theme for this Science Week was “energy”. On Monday April 18, IGCSE 1 and EAP students visited Baodi Goldsun New Energy and Technology Co., Ltd which mainly manufactures solar cells, and creates solar farms to generate solar energy.

      On the next day, we had a poster design competition based on the theme “energy”. Around 20 students, divided into eight groups, participated. They had to come up with a creative and intriguing idea, and expressed it on a sheet of paper within a limited amount of time.

      On April 20, around 70 students took part in the Scavenger Hunt, involving solving problems and puzzles. Whichever team completed the puzzle first won. It was a very tiring process as the competitors had to run all around the campus to look for clues. It was a game of both fitness and intellect!

      The Science Fair on Thursday April 21 brought the Science Week to its climax. Students from IGCSE 1 and EAP presented their long-prepared experiments to the whole school. Many interesting experiments were shown, such as the water rocket, and the volcanic eruption model.

      Science Week was a great success. I participated in almost all of the activities and I enjoyed every single one of them. Yes there were some challenges and minor accidents, but they were why this whole event is so meaningful!

      I have learnt a lot from this event, especially the importance of safety. Danger can appear at any moment and we must be prepared for it. Science has its pros and cons. We should use it properly to benefit humankind.

      Lastly, I want to thank all the Science teachers for their hard work and dedication to this event. We enjoyed it very much, and we are looking forward to the next Science Week!

      Chris Li (IGCSE 1)