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    20주년 기념 아트 공모전


    2019 年 09 月 05 日

    10 : 00

    • 20주년 기념 예술 경연 대회에 적극적으로 참여하고 지원하며 관심을 가져 주신 모든 교사와 학생, 학부모 및 모든 분들에게 감사드립니다! 치열한 경쟁 후, 최종 작품은 이제 미술을 사랑하는 모든 교사, 학생 및 부모님들께 공개됩니다.

      Author: Jiang Xingjing, Grade 2 Student, YWIES Yantai

      Author: Tian Yuqi (Elsa), Grade 9 Student, YWIES Yantai

      Introduction:Orchids have elegant temperament, which symbolises nobility and freshness. Just like the holiness of campus and the fragrance of teachers' morality, it also symbolises the purity and beauty of our students. With this work, I would like to pay tribute to the 20th anniversary of our school.

      Author: Jin Minxu, Grade 5 Student, YWIES Yantai

      Introduction: Handmade T-shirt

      Yew Wah let me learn how to get along with others and love the world! Forever Yew Wah!

      Author: Long Yile (Shelly), Grade 5 Student, YWIES Yantai

      《Brilliant 20 years, YWIES Yantai’s New Beauty》

      Introduction: YWIES Yantai has established for 20 years. In the middle of this painting there are many people who are standing on the steps. It means our school is getting better and better. They are talented students, conscientious teachers, supportive staffs, and excellent graduates. Our school cannot develop without them. They make the school full of potentials. In addition, some students are playing basketball, some are painting, some are playing violin and some are singing. It reflects the holistic education. Every child is a unique individual. There is a logo of the 20th anniversary in the background and the school mottos beside it.

      They also echo the characters in the painting. Art, science, charity and global perspectives can also be easily found in this painting. We are so glad to see satisfactory results in the past 20 years and we also firmly believe a better tomorrow. I am proud to be a member in this great school. I love YWIES!

      Author: Gu Longmei, Art teacher, YWIES Yantai

      Author: Liu Xuanxu & Jin Minsu, Grade 3 Student, YWIES Yantai


      Author: Collective Creation of Class A Students of Grade 5 of YWIES Yantai

      Author: Collective Creation in the Art Class

      Author: Collective Creation in the Art Class