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    End of Year Concert and Art Exhibition


    09 Aug, 2019

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    • On July 19, the fourth annual End of Year Concert and Art Exhibition was held at the Jiaodong Grand Theatre, Yantai. This is a feast of art, music, dance and drama. Students' paintings, handicraft and other works of art were exhibited. Nearly 200 teachers and students gave outstanding performances.

      Art Exhibition

      Line drawing, colour powder, acrylic, colour lead, collage, watercolour, colour mud, fan scroll... walking into the art exhibition hall, you would be deeply attracted by the beautiful works in front of you. The rich and colourful works show children's unlimited imagination and love for life. Everyone stopped in front of the works and appreciated them and took pictures.

      In YWIES Yantai, through art lessons, students can learn to appreciate different styles of art, develop creativity, and strengthen multi-angle thinking and organisational skills. In addition to improving students' knowledge and skills, art teachers pay much attention to all aspects of students' development in the art creation process. They will also guide students through their own and other people's works by adopting multiple perspectives, teach them good things in life and increase their team ability through group co-operation and resource sharing.

      End of Year Concert

      The concert offered a range of brilliant performances, including cheerful dances, elegant singing, a playful fashion show, grand instrumental ensembles, amazing dramas, a popular medley.... Five students hosting the programme with three languages, Chinese, English and Korean, was another highlight of the evening.

      Principal Aaron James Guthrie King made a speech:

      Our concert this evening has served a number of important functions. Firstly, it has been a celebration of the end of another highly successful year for Yew Wah International Education School of Yantai, perhaps our most successful year to date.

      Secondly, it has been an opportunity for us to showcase the diverse talents of our phenomenal students from K5 to A Level, and to display the dedication of our committed and experienced teachers.

      Thirdly, it is a tribute and a respectful farewell to those staff, students, graduates and families who will sadly have to leave us at the end of this academic year.

      Finally, a night like this provides a chance for us to demonstrate our educational philosophy in action, and for parents and guests who do not know Yew Wah so intimately, to see first-hand the product of our School’s philosophy: The joyful education that our children experience day to day, and the teamwork, collaboration and leadership which we encourage and develop.

      Our renowned bilingual and bicultural programmes, and blend of East and West, encapsulated through performances based on Eastern traditions, some which stem from the West, and some, which like our School, have provided a harmonious balance between the two.

      The fourth annual End of Year Concert and Art Exhibition of YWIES Yantai, brought together the essence of Eastern and Western cultures. Students, teachers and parents of different colours and Grades worked closely together with one another to perform many outstanding programmes. Yew Wah students showed off themselves on the stage, with enthusiasm moving every audience. Teachers and students showed how Yew Wah nurture the next generations, and let the guests and parents witness the achievements of Yew Wah's educational idea. It is also the best demonstration of Yew Wah's school motto of "aligning with culture and arts".