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    How to Prepare for Entering Kindergarten?


    27 Sep, 2019

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    • Every year at the beginning of the school, it is early autumn and the air is getting dry. Teachers would recommend the children who come to the kindergarten for the first time to drink more chrysanthemum tea and be careful not to get “inner heat”. Why do the kindergarten students easily get "inner heat"? The public lectures of YWIES Yantai ECE Section bring firefighting magic wands to parents and children:

      Prepare Well and Bid Farewell to the Anxiety of Entering the Kindergarten

      On August 23 at the parents' classroom of the Jimmy Early Learning Centre, Katelyn Wu, an ECE teacher of YWIES Yantai, talked about preparations for children entering the kindergarten.

      Parent Class

      When the child leaves home for the first time, every little thing makes the parents nervous, such as "the outside food the child is not used to eat", "the child not drinking enough water", "the child being not able to find the socks”, "children fighting for toys", or "whether the child will find a teacher when he or she needs help"? Let us listen to what Ms Wu said:

      To help the children integrate into the community smoothly, please equip them with: “the ability to take care of themselves” and “the ability to socialise well”.

      When children can eat, go to the toilet, and manage personal items in an orderly way, they do not get nervous in the kindergarten. Those who quickly associate with new friends, establish new safe attachments with teachers, and transfer emotions from family to school will have no emotional problems.

      If your child has both abilities he or she will have no pressure in the kindergarten. Every day, he or she is busy making new friends and participating in new activities. Aren’t you happy with that?

      “Every child is unique and deserves to be respected and appreciated!”

      The educators of YWIES Yantai ECE Section practise what they preach, and communicate the whole-person education concept to the children and parents, becoming the supporters and guides at the children's growth stage.

      YWIES Yantai ECE Section regularly organises lectures with the outside early childhood education institutions to inform parents about education matters.