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    Yew Wah in Graduates' Heart (1)

    School News

    24 Oct, 2018

    10 : 00

    • My name is Shenggi Wang known as Shawn. After I left Yew Wah, I majored in Architecture and minored in Industrial Design at Virginia Technology University. For my master’s degree, I studied Architecture at Columbia University.

      I attended Yew Wah’s Upper Secondary and it was a crucial period for me because I had just begun forming the concept of individuality. Yew Wah’s multicultural environment allowed me to realise that every person is different, thus, should be treated respectfully, and that no one should be classified into a group according to one's race, nationality, skin colour, religion or gender. Such an embracing atmosphere shaped me into a more understanding person, and now I’m able to sit with anyone to have a constructive conversation while not making any judgment of the person. Yew Wah helped me to push my boundaries beyond my comfort zone, which is an essential step to any form of improvement. Plus, it helped me to keep an open mind when facing any challenges.

      This is me standing in front of a painting by Robert Ryman in Dia Beacon. In order to keep my design edge sharp, I visit museums regularly.