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    Sand Sculpture Day

    School News

    11 Sep, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Twenty years ago, YWIES Yantai was established. On September 2, 2019, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of our school with the Sand Sculpture Day, our school’s annual traditional activity.

      This year, most of the students' sculpture themes focused on the school's 20th birthday.

      The unique natural geographical advantage of YWIES Yantai enabled students to immerse themselves in nature in the autumn season. Children gave full play to their imagination, creativity, hands-on ability and teamwork spirit, and showed their love for school in the sand sculptures.

      Teachers and students showed their creativity. The materials of sand sculptures were taken from nature and returned to nature without causing any environmental pollution. Through the activity, students learnt to discover the beauty of nature and felt the gift of nature at the same time, which helped to increase students' care and respect for nature. It showed Yew Wah's educational philosophy of cherishing resources and caring for the environment. Yew Wah's practice of holistic education and lifelong learning was also reflected.

      At Yew Wah, students not only gain excellent academic achievements but also develop comprehensively in character, wisdom, physical fitness, art, and so on.