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    2019 Open Day

    School News

    26 Aug, 2019

    10 : 00

    • Before the new school year begins, Yew Wah's Chinese and foreign teaching and support teams have made full preparation in advance for the return of students from summer vacation, and they together with the students look forward to a hopeful and fruitful new school year.

      Professional Chinese and foreign teachers began to make careful preparations for the new school year's teaching content in the summer vacation. In order to provide students with a high quality of education, they strive for excellence and held a few days of teacher training before the start of school.

      The energetic teaching support team worked during the summer vacation on renovation and decoration of the campus to make it safe, environmentally friendly and artistic, creating a warmer and more comfortable learning and working environment for teachers and students.

      Yew Wah is a big family. At the beginning of each school year, we welcome new students from all over the world. Every school year, teachers devote themselves to planning and preparing for their new job. Before the start of school, the school holds activities such as new students’ training, parents’ training and new students’ development, so that new students and parents can integrate into the Yew Wah family as soon as possible and learn and grow together.

      Yew Wah organised training and outreach activities for the new students of Grade 6 and Grade 10. Through interesting and challenging activities and colourful team building activities, the students have improved their mutual understanding and friendship, and laid a good foundation for the new school year.

      The opening ceremony of the new school year was held as expected by the students. Chinese and Western Co-Principals' speeches, teachers' warm greetings, and old and new students' warm smiles – the students’ memory of these cordial scenes at the beginning of a happy school year will surely be revived in the future.