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    Time to Say Goodbye


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

    10 : 00

    • As some teachers are leaving Yew Wah this semester, it is now really a time to say goodbye to Sir Neil, Teacher Maridith, Teacher Epie and Teacher Enoch. They all stayed in Yew Wah for some years, and it is really a pity not to see them again in Yew Wah. To know how they feel, I have interviewed one of them, Mr Epie Ebah.

      Mr Epie is a Secondary’s Geography teacher. When I asked him about the feeling of leaving Yew Wah, his answer was “happy”. He has been working at Yew Wah for eight years and he thinks that now it is a good time to leave. He will miss the students in Yew Wah because they have become his good friends.

      “What are you going to do afterwards?” After I asked this question, he told me that he is going back to his country to enjoy his holiday first. After that, he will come back to China and work in other places. “Do you have anything to tell the students?” I asked. “Well, they have been my students and friends. We interact inside and outside the class very well. They respect me and I respect them. I am going to miss them all because we are friends,” said Mr Epie.

      Lastly, as one of his students before, I would like to say that nearly all of the students enjoyed his class. It was really hard to find a sleepy student. His classes were always fun and exciting. We are going to miss the fun things that Teacher Epie has told us. FBI Warning, Teacher Epie!

      - Jasmine Son, IGCSE 1A