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    International Day


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

    10 : 00

    • As one of the biggest events, or even the biggest, in YWIES Yantai, International Day has already been its 10th anniversary. Compared to its first time, there have been lots of changes going on. For the first International Day, I can still remember that it was a hot Friday morning. The sun was shining just above our heads. However, this time, there was a tent and we took shelter from the sunlight.

      Every time we celebrate International Day, every grade chooses a country and makes foods and performs to represent that country. This time, we had Korea, China, Spain, Australia and other countries. Some students prepared performances to show their talents. For example, Grade 9 students danced on a Korean music which was called “Short Hair”.

      Student Council had a booth called “The Jail”, where anyone could put people in it as long as they paid for the length of time they wanted to put whoever they wanted in jail. People could also spend money to bail other people or themselves out from the jail. All the money earned from this game went to the charity which helps the people in Nepal who just suffered from recent severe earthquakes.

      International Day is always nice to celebrate and I hope to see a better version of an International Day next year.

      - Jasmine, IGCSE 1