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    YEASSA Tournament


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

    10 : 00

    • As the academic year came to an end, it was the time for the exciting annual YEASSA tournament. The event took place on Saturday, June 13, and the schools involved were YWIES Yantai, Korean International School (YTKS) and Zhongshi Korean International School (ZKIS). Apart from football, the tournament has expanded to include table tennis, badminton and basketball. Many participants came early on that morning to help set up the facilities.

      The morning events soon started after a brief introduction. For participants above age 15, they did either badminton or table tennis. I competed in the badminton games; I could not help feeling nervous when facing unfamiliar opponents, but such feeling began to disappear as the games went on. Though participants played in friendly manners, everybody put in everything they had gotten, and the atmosphere was tense. I was able to regain my strength from all the cheers by the spectators. Unfortunately, I got eliminated after the group stage, but it was really a great fun.

      The afternoon events began in cool breeze. I did not have the chance to watch the football game which took place first; the Yew Wah football team would never let us down as it turned out to be the champion again. It was then the time for the last event of basketball and we were all confident that we would win. However, we lost control of the game in the first half of the first game. Though slightly disappointed, as young athletes we never gave up. Once again, the spectators cheered our team for every shot and we finally won all the games of the day. Teamwork worked!

      The day ended with everybody sitting together for the award ceremony. We saw smiles of victory and disappointment which would become new motivation for improvement. The tournament was meaningful as many of us gained friendship through the process. Nothing unites people like sport does. Enemies on the court soon became friends after the games and we shared thoughts about the tournament. While enjoying the joy YEASSA brought to us, we should thank the people that made it happen. As Principal Mr McGory mentioned in his speech, we should give special thanks to all the teachers from three schools that managed such a successful tournament. I guess everybody in the YEASSA tournament must be looking forward to more upcoming sport competitions next year and Yew Wah sport teams will undoubtedly bring home more and more victories.

      - Nick, AS Level

      On June 13, 2015, Yew Wah International School of Yantai, Korean International School (YTKS) and Zhongshi Korean International School (ZKIS) jointly host the YEASSA sports competition.The competitors from ZKIS and YTKS set off early in the morning in order to arrive at YWIES Yantai before 8:30.

      Physical Education teacher Gareth Obby introduced all the sport competitions to the competitors from each school after they had entered the gym. After that, Mr Obby led the competitors to their field for their game, and explained the rules to them.

      The games in the morning were girls’ basketball, boys’ badminton and table tennis. The games in the afternoon were football and girls’ badminton. All of the competitors showed their enthusiasm and their best. Even though some competitors did not get the medals, but it did not affect their passion for competing.

      Sports can improve the relationship between the schools, and the students have a chance to know each other better during the play. Many of the competitors have gained new friendship and have improved themselves in the sport games. It was also a fun process.

      - Matt, IGCSE 2