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    Hours of Code


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

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    • Every year students around the world engage in the online Hour of Code project, (, a global movement designed to get kids interested in computer programming. So far, over 100 million kids have tried it, in 180 plus countries!

      The Tynker blog ( says about programming: “In recent years, the importance of programming has become a subject of increasing international awareness, moving from the narrow domain of the ‘geek’ to the broader world, including the K-12 education space. Programming hasn’t become this popular by accident. There is a growing understanding that knowing how to programme is essential, especially for younger generations. Learning facts is less and less relevant in a world where Google can satisfy just about any question in a matter of milliseconds; it is skills that will enable children to succeed, and that set of skills must include programming.”

      Here at YWIES Yantai students in 4th and 6th-9th Grades participated in the Hour of Code. The website features a special set of exercises if a learner really wants to spend just one hour doing it. But Yew Wah students did a series of assignments as part of their regular or ICT classes. The work began late last year to coincide with Computer Science Education Week, December 7-13. Then some students, e.g. 6th and 7th Grade ICT learners, continued doing programming exercises for their end-of-semester project. The Hour of Code website offers entire programming courses in addition to shorter activities such as coding Flappy Bird or other games.

      The 4th Grade Teacher Joshua Young said: “This is the third year Fourth Graders have done the Hour of Code. Students always love the challenge and the immediate feedback they get when they run their programmes. The theme, whether it’s Star Wars, Frozen, Angry Birds or Minecraft, initially gets students excited. Once they run their first programme or two, the ‘Aha!’ moments start to happen.”

      Here’s what some of Josh’s students had to say about the Hour of Code:
      “It is too fun! It is so cool!” said Sophie 4B.
      “Not hard and not easy,” said Alice 4B.
      “Code Combat is hard because you have to type the directions,” said David 4B.

      David Deeds