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    A Letter from the Parent of a New Student


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

    10 : 00

    • This is the second week in Yew Wah for my child. He comes back home telling me how exciting it was at school every day. We can tell that he is truly happy in this school from his positive learning attitude. We are glad that we have chosen Yew Wah for him.

      In the beginning, we were actually not sure if we should let him attend an international school because first of all, we barely understand international education, and secondly there are a lot of international schools and some of them can be very terrible. After some research, we had a list of schools to consider. Yew Wah was the first school in our list because it is the most credible one.

      After some twists and turns, we finally chose Yew Wah for the following reasons:

      To start with, Yew Wah promotes holistic education instead of exam-oriented education. They focus on cultivating students’ personality and general abilities, so I believe our child will be benefited from such a healthy environment.

      We were also attracted by the multi-cultural and English-speaking environment. Students and teachers in Yew Wah are coming from about 20 countries around the world, and all the lessons are taught in English. Here, students can get to know about people with different cultural backgrounds, and fit in the world earlier.

      Moreover, the school disciplines and gives our child enough freedom at the same time. My child is in high school now, but he is still a child who cannot help himself on behaviours sometimes. In that case, Yew Wah can help us. For example, for the mobile phone issue, the school has very clear instructions. Yew Wah follows the western method of managing homework and activities. This will definitely nurture the habit of self-learning and further help students prepare for the environment of overseas universities.

      Lastly, when I first met the teachers at Yew Wah, I was touched by their sincerity. Yew Wah is truly a school dedicated to real education. The teachers never extol the school, and the only thing they told me is their thoughts about education and their responsibility towards children.

      We chose international education because we want to be rooted in China and face the world. This is why we chose Yew Wah. Thanks to Yew Wah and I hope that my child can learn and grow here!

      IGCSE 1 Student Arthur Ci’s mother
      Translated by AS Level student Patrick Pan