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    Chinese Radio's First Live Broadcast


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

    10 : 00

    • Last semester, we already started the preparation. After testing and adjustments we categorised our broadcast into four sections: “Music Delivery,” “Reading Activity”, “Passage Analysis” and “Share and Express”.

      Every session of “Music Delivery” we will recommend one piece of Chinese traditional music played by traditional instruments, and will briefly introduce the origin of these instruments. “Reading Activity” was inspired by the popular programme named “Reader”. Every session we will elect a passionate reader to read a nice small passage and recommend a book. For the “Passage Analysis” programme, we will choose some astonishing writing by our students. I am sure students will work harder to improve their writing and earn themselves an opportunity for their writing to be read on the radio. “Share and Express” programme is an opportunity for students and teachers to share their opinions and thoughts with everyone else. Whatever is in your mind and you are willing to share we will help you convey it through this programme.

      Our first two broadcasters are two Grade Four students. They were calm, and relaxed in front of the microphone. Thus it is obvious that both of them are enthusiastic readers. We will encourage more students to come join the broadcasting team. We look forward to hearing more new voices and some great work by our Chinese radio.

      Translated by Brandon Tnay Cheng Hock, AS Level Student