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    Chinese Classics and Literature


    2017 年 08 月 12 日

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    • “What is Guoxue? It is the study of your country. When people on a land form a country, the study of the country’s civilisation is, at the same time, created. When you study Guoxue, you learn your country’s knowledge to better serve your country.” These are the words of Mr Deng Shi, a scholar from the Guo Cui School. It emphasises the practicality of Guoxue, where you can learn useful knowledge and apply it later in life. [We may simply think of Guoxue as an equivalent of Chinese Studies, but only deeper and more sophisticated. (Note from the interpreter)] With holistic education of students in mind, Yew Wah International Education School will offer a Guoxue course aiming to teach students about Chinese culture.

      It is important for students in Primary to get into the habit of reading ancient Chinese proses in order to cultivate their interests in Guoxue. This semester the first and second graders are going to study the Three-Character Classics, which has many stories, is very knowledgeable, emphasises the purpose and attitude of learning, and is full of positive spirits. The Guoxue course will mostly consist of reading out loud and interpreting the texts. In the meanwhile, the children can learn more Chinese characters, and increase their knowledge.

      We hope the children can both learn the knowledge and the skills taught to them by the teachers at the Guoxue course.

      Yvonne Bian, Primary Teacher
      Translated by Chris Li, IGCSE 2 Student